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The New Year

Hi guys, I think you are all super busy with New Year's Eve preparations... I won't do anything special this evening, moreover that I'm sick and not feeling well ( thank you, Belgian weather 😷). But even so, I wanted to wish you all a great 2018 full of accomplishments and may all your wished come true !  Hope you enjoy the video below as well and you can find the details of what I'm wearing down below :)

What I wore: - Herve Leger bandage dress - Steve Madden ankle strap sandals - Nona Jewels earrings and necklace 

- Make-up mainly from Estelle& Thild - organic skin care and make-up ! 

I managed to do a little "Get Ready with me " video that I did very very difficult ! I hate Apple now and what it has become. A pity that whoever is in charge is more concern about making money than giving to the people a product worth what we pay for ! I've been an Apple fan for over 6 years now and all my devices are from them... but I think in 2018 that will change. T…


Hi guys, We've one step closer to the end of the year ! What are you doing for the big New Year's Eve ? I'll be chilling at home, with the fam... I also have a special post and video I'll be posting this evening and the post will be published tomorrow morning so you can check out my cute dress and jewelry that I'll be wearing in between 2017 - 2018 passing.  Anyway, I invite you to check out the new outfit for today. This is also a super cute look for someone who doesn't like heels ! 

What I wore: - Guess by Marciano faux fur coat - Zaful grey sweater - Zara skirt - Gambettes tights - Jeffrey Campbell rhinestone point toe mules -New Look clutch 
I hope you like the look, sweeties !  I'll be back tomorrow with a special look for New Years :)

Kisses, R.

Broken People

Hello sweeties, Hope you are all having a great week ( minus the weather here in Belgium). I'm back with a new awesome outfit post that I just know you'll love ! I've been working all day and in the verge of shooting my NY look, alongside my make-up tutorial for that particular evening... maybe will do even a hair tutorial with everything so it looks great. I planning on publishing that tomorrow so hope you'll stand by to check it out!  As for this evening, I'm just brining you the usual OOTD with a special dedication to all of you out there who've been following me since the beginning, who supported me and who stood by me every step of the way - it's almost time to pass into a new year, a year, I hope, will bring you joy and peace, wisdom and strength to get by any obstacle along the way ! 

What I wore: - Zaful grey cardigan  - Zaful blouse - Mango wide woolen pants - Romwe bag

So, how do you like this OOTD? Wishing you a cool Friday xo
Kisses, R.

How I remove my make-up

Hi sweeties, I'm back this not so beautiful morning with a special post. Since I have a little bit more time today due to the nasty weather and all, I thought I should share with you something really exciting. I was super happy when a brand I've been using ever since I got to Belgium made me discover other products that they have. I remember when I first got here how difficult the switch was and how I wanted to find products that matched the ones I had in Romania... one of those products was my make-up removal pads. After a few failed attempts on buying some that were simply awful, I stumbled upon DEMAK'UP cotton pads... THEY WERE AMAZING ! I was super thrilled to find them and I've been using them ever since.  To know more, I even did a little video that I just know you'll love ! 

My favorite ones that I always use are the Expert Cotton Pads; I even have their travel kit so it makes it even more practical for me to carry them around. 

 • ultra-effective honeycomb …


Hi guys, Sorry for the absence, but I just needed to take some days off and enjoy the " silence ". Happy to be back with a new outfit post though ! I'll be back on a daily basis so you can have a new look every day as you are all used to... but you understand that sometimes it's nice to take a little break, right? I'm also working on a new blog version and I promise that 2018 will be even more awesome and inspirational from my part ! :)

What I wore: - Zaful trench  - Mia Zia scarf  - Zimmermann clutch - Zara pants and basic  - Sigerson Morrison velvet ankle boots
So, like it or leave it ? Waiting for your feedback :)
Kisses, R.

Merry Sale !

Hi guys, I hope you spent a lovely Christmas with your loved ones. Now we're getting ready for New Year's and you can find your perfect outfit at Shopbopas they're having an awesome 25% off SALE ( INCLUDING ITEMS THAT ARE ALREADY ON SALE ) !! How awesome is that???!! 😱 My cart is already set to go  Click here to shop

A simple note....

Hi sweeties,
I just wanted to write a few words seing today it's Christmas and I know many of you are celebrating... Because I recently had the "blog anniversary" at the beginning at the month, I would like to thank you for always being there for me, for all your lovely messages every time I have accomplished something or every time I was down... I would like to wish you as well a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart and pray that all your wishes come true ! I pray for peace, I pray for love, for understanding, for a better world ...

Spend your Holidays with your loved ones ! Christmas is all about sharing and human contact ... let go of all the grief and spite, and just forgive and be humble... ! 💝


Cancun life

Hello sweeties, I'm happy to bring you a lovely outfit today, as a part of my Mexican adventure. With all these beautiful colors here in Cancun I couldn't refrain myself from taking some wonderful pictures at this awesome resort that I'm staying in. What better reason to wear my gorgeous Sonia Peña jumpsuit ? I think it could be a perfect look for the holidays as well ! 

Wearing my Sonia Peña jumpsuit from the 2018 collection ! 
I really love jumpsuits and I think they're even more special than an usual dress.  Who else loves jumpsuits?
Kisses, R.

Like no one else

Good morning, sweeties !  Yup, it's morning here in Cancun and a new sunny day is about to start. I'm planning on soaking in all the sun and mentally preparing myself for when I'm back home, in the cold and rainy Belgian weather. Speaking of cold weather, I'm back with the perfect outfit for what's back home. I really love how I managed to pull this one off! 

What I wore: - Zaful yellow trench - Zaful long sweater - Choies over the knee laced up boots ( find similar and really affordable ones here ) - Guess bag from Duifhuizen 
Waiting to read your comments on this OOTD :)
Have a fab day, sweeties!
Kisses, R.